18557525_10207633627753304_4262591916280319883_n1I’m Takuchi from Georgia, from early years I love creating things, I used to draw and paint a lot, after that I was taking photos, making origami and crafts, I make greeting cards for friends and special ones, making handmade leather notebooks and stuff like that. I have never shared my works in internet by social media. I love to watch videos where artist make some special things, painting or drawing. Therefore, I decided why not to share my works and make a blog.
As you noticed name of my blog is – Lancasta. I have no idea what that means. A few years ago I had a dream, where one shaman woman predicted me that I was real lancasta, In that dream this word meant – real artist, she said that there are a lot of artists there but you are the special one and you’re not a fake, you are real. Maybe it sounds silly, but I had a filling that it was more than just a regular dream. 4 years later in 2016, I decided to make fashion accessories from my paintings, so I created handmade accessories brand – Lancasta. I’ve even launched shop on Etsy. I decide to promote it somehow, and the best way I think is blog, where people can see what does the creator of those accessories in real life, where she gets inspirations, and how develops designs.
I want to share with everything that I do, I want to make DIY videos, and show you how I do thing, that can do everyone.

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