Colorful fruit drinks in glass pitchers – Watercolor Illustration

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Welcome to my blog, today I’m gonna show you my new project – watercolor illustration, on which I’ve been working for a couple of weeks and finally I’ve made it.

strawberry drink in glass pitcher


You might not know that, I love nature – all plant and animals, so I’m trying to get inspiration from anything and everything. Recently I was obsessed with fruit drinks, those colorful and fresh drinks with delicious smell are really inspirational, when I saw this photo of strawberry lemonade on pinterest that was it, I decide to draw couple of glass pitchers with colorful fruit drinks in it.

So I started research, I’ve collected photos of drinks in glass pitchers and made mood board.

After that I started sketching:




And finally I painted it in watercolor:

๐Ÿ“ข You can purchase pillows, clocks, tote bag, pouches, phone cases, ipad case, laptop skins, travel mug,ย  hardcover journal, spiral notebooks, stickers with my watercolor illustration – colorful fruit drinks on redbubble.

Please share your thought about my work in comments.

Do you love nature?
What inspires you the most?

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