Make your own Zine

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Have you ever heard about zines?

Well, I’ve heard about zines a couple of month ago. Zine is a little journal or magazine, actually the word zine is short name of magazine. Everyone can make zine themselves, it can be adventure story, comic, sketches, coloring book, advertisement, or anything and it is kinda self-expression.
Some illustrators use zine as a reference book, where they can find essential gestures, postures or forms they need to draw illustration. Some do journaling and some illustrate their life with illustration journaling.
Here is my one of favorite zine, from my one of favorite illustrator Frannerd.

You can purchase this zine on ETSY.
I made a little illustration how to fold 8 page zine using regular print paper and want to share it with you, here it is:

IMG_2209 (Edited)



When I first heard about zine, I was drawing colorful Amsterdam houses from photos, and I decided to make coloring book from my drawings. Here it is.

If you like it you can download it from here, print on regular print paper and fold as it is in the picture above, start coloring and please share, you can share it on instagram with hashtag #colorgingamsterdam.



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