Abstract shape earrings

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9d0ccc4b775a72b31bc860dc1cc142c0I love underwater universe and it really inspires me a lot. I even got a board on Pinterest, which you can check out a get some inspiration. Under water plants, fishes and all the universe is so fascinating, and so unlimited, mysterious and some point scary, that when I watch the images, it gives me so many emotions, I kinda submerge and become the part of this universe. I guess almost all my painting are inspired by underwater mystery.

17952679_1861677607416386_6097373003471856330_nInspiration for my earring was coral reef. I sketch the shape that I want my earrings to have, than I vectorize it, cut with laser cut machine and wrap some areas with colorful threads.

If you’re the one that is inspired with underwater universe as me please share you thoughts and thing you’ve made inspired by water or under water universe or anything related to this topic.

If you are interested in this earrings you can purchase them in my Etsy shop:


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