How to create you own jewelry

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SAM_9336.jpgIn this blog post I want to take you through my story how I’ve created jewelry with my own design. Everyone can do it, all you need is inspiration, little effort and of course great desire to design and create thing your own. So I’ve tried and made wooden laser cut printed pendant with thread wrapped tribal style necklace.

What you need:

1. Inspirations:
I used my own painting, but inspiration may be anything that surrounds you, nature, favorite movie or music, maybe even dreams or anything.

2. Vector drawing skills:
I draw form or the pendant in vector program coreldraw, for laser cutting you need to have vector file. Also I used vector program for drawing abstract print. With my vector files I went to local fab lab, where was laser cutting machine and printing machine. I made prototype of pendant.

3. Crafting skills:
I made thread wrapped tribal style necklace for pendant. I wanted my necklace to be attractive and at the same time simple to make. Well it was not simple, but anyways a I like it. You can make any kind of necklace, you can even use faux leather thread, It looks nice. Also you need a few jewelry findings. That’s all and here you have you very own jewelry designed by yourself.
I’m very interested in designing and making jewelry, If you have made something like this, or have story to tell, maybe have blog post like this, please share it in comments down below. Leave you thought.

If you are interested in this necklaces you can purchase them in my Etsy shop:

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click to view product in shop >>


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