Abstract shape earrings

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9d0ccc4b775a72b31bc860dc1cc142c0I love underwater universe and it really inspires me a lot. I even got a board on Pinterest, which you can check out a get some inspiration. Under water plants, fishes and all the universe is so fascinating, and so unlimited, mysterious and some point scary, that when I watch the images, it gives me so many emotions, I kinda submerge and become the part of this universe. I guess almost all my painting are inspired by underwater mystery.

17952679_1861677607416386_6097373003471856330_nInspiration for my earring was coral reef. I sketch the shape that I want my earrings to have, than I vectorize it, cut with laser cut machine and wrap some areas with colorful threads.

If you’re the one that is inspired with underwater universe as me please share you thoughts and thing you’ve made inspired by water or under water universe or anything related to this topic.

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How to create you own jewelry

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SAM_9336.jpgIn this blog post I want to take you through my story how I’ve created jewelry with my own design. Everyone can do it, all you need is inspiration, little effort and of course great desire to design and create thing your own. So I’ve tried and made wooden laser cut printed pendant with thread wrapped tribal style necklace.

What you need:

1. Inspirations:
I used my own painting, but inspiration may be anything that surrounds you, nature, favorite movie or music, maybe even dreams or anything.
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First blog post – Introduction

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18557525_10207633627753304_4262591916280319883_n1.jpgIn first blog post I want to introduce my self I’m Takuchi from Georgia, from early years I love creating things, I used to draw and paint a lot, after that I was taking photos, 7513197488_6a7d9756dd_kmaking origami and crafts, I make greeting cards for friends and special ones, making handmade leather notebooks and stuff like that. I have never shared my works in internet by social media. I love to watch videos where artist make some special things, painting or drawing. Therefore, I decided why not to share my works and make a blog.
6818350395_0d026295f1_zAs you noticed name of my blog is – Lancasta. I have no idea what that means. A few years ago I had a dream, where one shaman woman predicted me that I was real lancasta, In that dream this word meant – real artist, she said that there are a lot of artists there but you are the special one and you’re not a fake, you are real. Maybe it sounds silly, but I had a filling that it was more than just a regular dream. 2e366750166705.58c927ad893144 years later in 2016, I decided to make fashion accessories from my paintings, so I created handmade accessories brand – Lancasta. I’ve even launched shop on Etsy, and decide to promote it somehow, and the best way I think is blog, where people can see what does the creator of those accessories in real life, where she gets inspirations, and how develops designs.3e7e7b50166705.58c930e2bf48a

I want to share with everything that I do, I want to make DIY videos, and show you how I do thing, that can do everyone.

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